10 Amazingly Simple Tips To Become A Corporate Yogi.

I started my journey into teaching yoga walking into a Federal office building. It was my first-ever class, apart from the studio where I taught free classes. There I was, a million sequences in my mind, awesome music to coordinate the poses, all ready to wow. I couldn’t wait to exhibit my talent as a yoga teacher.

Guess what … reality struck me as I entered that fitness center. I found myself gazing at a group of seniors. Everyone was over the age of 55, and their bodies reflected their lifestyle of sitting, hunched over at a desk, working at a computer for many years, craving some stretches and relaxation.

I was used to showing a lot of compassion, as I had been trained to teach Alzheimer’s patients at Sunrise Senior Living. I immediately knew exactly what those people needed! Nochaturanga dandasana or a million down dogs. Instead, they needed just the pure essence of yoga!

From then on, climbing new office stairs has not scared me, and it has kept me open to helping anyone in need, whether it be for shoulder issues or carpal tunnel complaints.

Even though my first corporate yoga teaching experience was not what I imagined, I was in paradise to kickstart my official career in teaching. I have worked with lots of corporate clients over the years. My “Yoga at Desk” journey has taken me into numerous offices filled with people whose bodies are in desperate need of help. And in my experience, people with a desk job need more love than anyone else!

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