The 10 Largest Data Centers that Host the Internet

10. NAP of the Americas

Location: Miami, USA
Area: 750,000 Sq. Ft.

The NAP of the Americas, a Terremark data center, was constructed in 2001 as a centralized infrastructure utilized by over 183 networks. It also detains a Tier-III class facility denomination with redundant power and cooling infrastructure.

In 2011, telecoms Verizon bought the facility for $1.4 billion in a bid to accelerate its “everything-as-a-service” cloud computing.

More than 160 global carriers exchange data at the NAP of the Americas. Currently, some companies making use of racks, servers and other services at the central downtown Miami building include NewServices, Voxility, Locaweb and PanamaIT.

To power the station, 12 HiTEC continuous power systems work at full speed providing 10x better transfer rate than typical battery-based UPS. A medium-voltage switch gear is fed by three independent 13,200 volt feeders.

The building was erected outside the FEMA 500-year flood zone and features seven-inch thick steel-reinforced concrete exterior panels.

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