10 Reasons to Travel – Luke Fraser and Bubby Vernon

The idea of taking a year off between high school and university popped into my mind three summers ago. My good friend Bubby Vernon and I were having a conversation and the idea of traveling together came into the conversation. Right then and there we shook on it and made a promise that we’d see the world as soon as we got our piece of paper that declared us graduates of high school. Over the next three years we began to Skype and slowly plan our trip.

Come January of 2015 Bub and I’s travel pact became a reality. We both landed in New Zealand and our 4 months together began. We spent 1 month in New Zealand, the next month living in a camper-van in Australia. Then we took a week long layover in Indonesia. The final leg of the trip was Europe. We landed in Barcelona and worked our way through Spain, Portugal and Italy. After 131 days together, Bub and I’s trip came to a close. We did memorable things, saw cultures throughout, and went around the World on this trip.

When I came home I began to look through my pictures and video. I took over 1,900 videos and close to 2,500 photos. Being a filmmaker, I had to make a film on my travels. I couldn’t just make a simple video. So with that in mind, I set out to make it my goal to inspire people. I came up with ten reasons anyone should travel. These reasons slowly began to form as my travels progressed. Hopefully once that video comes to a close you feel the urge to jet off and go see the world.

In total from 2014-15 I visited 18 Countries.

by Luke Fraser

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