Can you make your own luck?

We all have been at some point in our lives where it seems like how everyone else is doing good in their lives,busy in catching their lucky breaks and getting everything that we had always wanted from life while we seem to be screwing everything up.

It’s a common perpetual bias. While we look at others succeed, we never look at them struggling and going through countless failures, We just look at them striking gold and do big in life. And when it comes to ourselves, we are all aware of the toil and struggle we endured thus making success look even more far-fetched. And we continue to play this game through our entire life.

This is where the concept of luck originates from and perceptual bias has a big role to play in this. Luck is essentially a way through which we explain how someone’s success defies mathematical probability just because they have it all and you fail to accomplish any of these.

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