Time Lapse Of Lithuanian Night Sky – Tadas Janušonis

Tadas Janušonis is a photographer from Lithuania with an immense passion  about the night sky.

He made this video only from single photographs and it took him nearly half a year to complete. Spending hundreds of hours camping, hiking and photographing in the total darkness which resulted in thousands of photos.

Lithuanian sky is very unique because it has very little light pollution compared to the other parts of Europe which makes the scene spectacular. He have been on the chase for the aurora borealis, night-shining clouds, milky way, meteor showers, thunderstorms and much more.

He states that he was inspired by Lithuanian mythology. With the help of his friend Justina Tulaitė, who made a track for the video, they created a mystical atmosphere that transcends you in another realm of Lithuanian gods that dwell in the sky.

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